Ramparts, Gardens, Panoramic views, Fes day tour

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Fez guide’s Team welcomes you to enjoy Fes day tour, to discover the amazing Ramparts, Gardens, and panoramic views that Fes offers. This day trip is an adventurous refreshing tour for you to discover exclusive sightseeing of Fes city.


Ramparts, Gardens, Panoramic views, Fes day tour

The “Ramparts, Gardens, Panoramic views, Fes day tour” is an enjoyable experience, to discover the green spaces of Fes.

after our driver who speaks English/French will take you from your accommodation, in a comfortable car, at 10:00 am. This imperial city is rich with stunning ramparts and gardens, and in our “Ramparts, Gardens, Panoramic views, Fes day tour”. We will begin from the well-known boulevard in Fes ‘’Hassan II Avenue’’ that contains over than 200palm tree, We will visit the King’s Palace, you will really love it, with viewing its giant brass doors & knockers, surrounded by stunning intricate mosaic. After, we will see the Jewish Quarter “Mellah” when you will discover the history and lifestyle of it. Then, we will take a break, and you are free to explore the surrounding monuments, like the Synagogue of Mellah. Then, we will go to take a fresh air in ‘’Jnan Sbil’’ Garden, is very beautiful, contains over than 100 species of plants, has a strangely calming and relaxing effect. Moreover, you will have time to take memorable pictures and walking around, of course, to enjoy the beautiful green views. Later on, we will explore the best part of this tour which is the stunning panoramic view, starting with the North where there is the Merinids Tombs, you can see the whole city from above, and in the back of it, there is a cemetery. The South Tower was built on a hill that overviews the Old Medina, it has a panoramic view and unique ancient architecture. After we will proceed to the Middle, our third stop ”Sidi Ali Mzali” Where we will discover the remains of the Borj, full with colorful leather waiting to be dried, make the place very charming. In the end, we will visit the”American Fondouk”, is a veterinary hospital. Is a must for anyone who cares about animals. You will love and enjoy every minute of this exciting tour. Join us to be a part of this experience.

Tour Includes:

  • Transportation (air-conditioned vehicle)
  • Professional English/French Speaking Driver
  • Professional Guides.
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