Marrakech City The Red City

Marrakech city is one of the most common purposes in Morocco, which is popular with travelers who are looking for the exotic and excitement. The heart of Marrakech city is in its old Medina, which is a mix of traditional craft workshops and tanneries, shopping opportunities in traditional Souks, museums, mosques, gardens and a huge number of dining and accommodation options. This old center is also perfected by more modern suburbs including Geuliz, Hivernage and Palmeraie where is offered 20th and 21st century architecture facilities and shopping. However, since the early 20th century Marrakech, tourist attraction has a very top standing and is famous too, for its range of splend or lodging. It also opens its arms with various options for everyone from low into high budget. To know Marrakech city very well, you should experience a camel trekking. This exciting chance is available in our tours, you’ll be headed to the Palmeraie for a 1 hour camel trek.You can also try the Moroccan traditional clothes and take memorable pictures. Besides, this activity is provided for families and friends. Also, discover traditional Berber villages, see the surroundings, meet new people who are living in the area, and realize their way of life that is still incredible.Pursuing the tour you stop for a cup of traditional Moroccan tea. Love the nature, the calm and the loveliness of the places you’ll see along the road before heading back to your lodging.
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