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Traditional Moroccan Fez Cooking Class

In your Fez Cooking Class day, we meet you at your Hotel/Riad, airport or train station .
We start this new activity in a calm atmosphere, to learn tricks, secrets and cooking tips from best chefs in Fez. We take you to the local market to pick your ingredients; chicken, vegetables and the Moroccan Spices like : Dried ginger, cumin, salt,black pepper , saffron , Ras l’hanout … In order to prepare beautiful Moroccan dishes.

Then, we guide you to assist your class with a Moroccan family, which preserves its ancestor way of preparing food like ; Bread or khubz, Harira the most important soup in Morocco, Tagine made of meats and vegetables , chicken and vegetables , fish and vegetables, Couscous with seven vegetables, Pastilla, salad, Mint Tea and any other type of food either Sweet , savory, sour or seasonal …..
We will enjoy together learning cooking with the desire for more authentic experiences, in this class we get intimately acquainted with locals …and you’ll take the best and the important notion of Moroccan dishes In the Fez Medina.
Really ,with us you will enjoy all the activity in Fez Cooking Class from shopping in the souk, the preparation, untill the final product .
At the end we return you to your Hotel/Riad, and we are sure that you’ll be satisfied with our service. So, all what we can say is that Fez Cooking Class service, is a popular gift suggestion for the male & female in our circles in Fez.

With each Fez Cooking Class, you will be more comfortable & funny,  and this activity is Amusing because it appeals to most age groups, skill levels …, Fez Cooking Class becomes a real challenge activity, thanks to it you will learn, play, cook together you’ll do and you will find all what you need.

Tour Includes:
  • Shopping at the local souk .
  • Bread making and taking the bread to the local flour for baking • Preserving Lemons .
  • Traditional Moroccan Salads, what clients make will depend on the seasonal produce and on prior to the souk visit .
  • Cooking with Moroccan chermoula (specailty marinade) .
  • Moroccan Briwat .
  • Moroccan Tagine of your choice – also depends on the seasonal produce and on prior to your souk visit .
  • Making Mint Tea.