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Have a close look on the professional Craftsmen , people who master their craft and make pure art out of their hands and with simple antique materials and with a magical touch . welcome to a mysterious trip to explore the secrets of this tremendous art .

Description :

There are quite a lot of activities to do in Fes. Its a medieval medina; craft is considered to be the catchiest activity. In Fes Artisans Tours & Shopping , we come across various marvelous local products made by local craftsmen.Then, we will guide you to discover the Leather material in DAR DBAGH which is certainly an interesting site in Fes Medina. It contains the oldest tannery in the world which dates back at least 9 centuries ago. In this tannery we find a high quality leather products manufacturing such as coats, shoes, slippers, bags, etc…. All this goods are concocted manually without any modern machinery.

We enjoy together is another fascinating site which is Fes Berber Carpets of the medina. Most people fall in love with the combination of colors and the significant symbols including these carpets and rugs. The design, the weaving and the embroidery of these carpets differ according to the tribe the two famous Berber ones are Zemmour and Zaianeand which is located in The The Mediterranean Atlas Mountain .

Next, we will explore most magnetic and finest Moroccan Fes pottery and ceramics come from Fes Medina. The pottery pieces which are also handmade, their beauty is derived from the complex creative skills and knowledge transmitted elaborately from one generation through another.Furthermore ,we discover also Wood arts and crafts which are also admired by both local and people from different parts of the world.

When we will walk around the alleys of the medieval maze of Fez. We will find an illustration of wood crafts either in the amazing traditional doors. Also in the aesthetic ceilings which please the senses, and also in the gorgeous Nejjarine which is the Museum of Wooden Arts and Crafts . When we finish our tour, we will take you back to your hotel ,Riad, airport or train station. FES Artisans Tours & Shopping Tour is an experience to the real cultural treasure of Morocco. It is where you will fall in love with Fes , since it has alot of treasures to discover . A Visit in Fes with our team can help you get an unforgettable lifetime tour.


  • Meeting professional deferents Artisans .
  • Transportation (air-conditioned vehicle) .
  • Professional English/French Speaking Guides.
  • Entrance Fees to historical sites .


Our English/French speaking driver will pick you up at your accommodation place , train station or airport in a comfortable air-conditioned vehicle.