Fes Hammam & Spa The Secrets of Fessi Beauty

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Spa Hammam medina tour is an important activity for the body as it’s considered as a secret of Beauty. First of all, we’ll make a tour in the old medina in order to buy most important ingredients, secondly we’ll take you to the Fes Spa and Hammam.


Fes Hammam & Spa The Secrets of Fessi Beauty

Fes Hammam, One of The best Fes City Tour One of the interesting activities in Fes is the inherited mysterious methods of beauty of Spa/Hammam. The Moroccan Hammam is an amazing and important aspect of the Moroccan culture and life. Women, Men visit their local Hammam and bring their children at least once a week, they spend two or three hours there. They also find it a nice way to communicate with their friends and take a long time for washing their bodies until their skin sparks. Traditional Hammam, is an incredible and exciting practice and a good way to connect with Moroccans. Visitors shouldn’t miss such a cleansing and cultural experience. Hammam protocol is not a must, but it is a traditional way of Moroccan bathing. Fes Spa and Hammam is a place of complete relaxation with specific rituals for body caring. Therefore, our team will take you to the local Souk so as to pick the important ingredients before entering the Hammam. The most important ingredients are:

  • Smooth soap scrubs with olive-soap Sabon-beldi (Or the black soap),
  • Nourishing Hannah mask for hair. The plant has a great symbolic value in the Moroccan traditions,
  • Rassoul; a homemade lotion,
  • Argan oil, it contains Omega 6 and vitamin E and it is essential in the Moroccan traditional cosmetics and good for hair and massage too.
  • Rose water for facial masks.

However, these ingredients are used in Fes Hammam as we have mentioned earlier by women in different ceremonies. In addition is referring to important life events like: Birth, marriage, and circumcision. Whereas Argan oil is the gold liquid which contains Omega 6 and vitamin E. Furthermore,  is essential in the Moroccan traditional cosmetics since it is incredibly useful for face, hair, and body. It is important to explore this side of the culture because Moroccan people are keen on cleanliness and also on beauty in Fes Hammam.


Tour Includes:

  • Transportation (air-conditioned vehicle).
  • Professional English/French Speaking Driver
  • Entrance Fees to Fes Hammam.
  • Drinks Tea, Orange Juice or coffee

Pick up

Our team will pick you up at your accommodation, train-station or airport in a comfortable air-conditioned vehicle.
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