Cooking Class

Fez cooking class is a real involvement into Moroccan local life, not only in Fez itself.Fes cooking class is the great opportunity to connectwith locals and an exciting special experience day accommodated by a Moroccan family. To visit souks in some of local food markets, to make your own bread, to prepare foodand finish with a good result and delicious meal that share together, is really an exceptional chance to try. Enjoying around 4 hours in cooking class and discover the secret recipes which have been passed down for generations.
Discuss your meal options- choice, under the guidance of your master chef you could cook different kind of tagines (with chicken, fish or vegetables), tagine of onions and raisins, Kefta (ressole) with tomato sauce and eggs, couscous, Pastila , Moroccan soups Harira, traditional Moroccan salads like Zaalouk, baked bread (khobz , Harcha , Melawi), different kinds of juice, and Moroccan mint tea…
You need to discover the Moroccan spices (Ras El-hanout, Anise, Fenugreek, Sesame Seeds, Cinnamon, Saffron, Ginger, Turmeric….) tasting trails, vegetables & fruits.
Returning to the house, to learn about your ingredients, traditional Moroccan dishes and their preparation. Roll up your sleeves and start cooking with the help of your chef. After the cooking, sit back, relax and enjoy your delicious hand-cooked meal together with your new local family.